Friday, May 29, 2009

when was lou gehrig's funeral - About Funerals

There may come a time in your life that you are asked to write a eulogy. An obituary can be a very personal look at a life.

While such responses are fairly common, there's really no cause for worry. To be given the task of delivering a eulogy is really an honor hence the responsibility of providing a clear and positive picture of the person you will be talking about is in order. Choose funeral poems which aren't too long, just in case you can't finish them.

The need to talk is an outlet of letting out all of their feelings about the situation. The truth is that death is a doorway into a new home, an entrance to new way of living life with God and you. Eulogies are meant to convey the reasons the deceased will be missed and how much he was loved.

No one will be timing you, with a stopwatch, so take your time. There are many facets to planning a funeral.

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